Frequently Asked Question

Can I set up a reoccurring appointment?

Yes! Many of our clients have appointments booked through the year. We allow our trusted clientele to book in advance to avoid the hassle of scheduling week to week.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday, we open at 10am and close at 8pm. Saturday, we open at 9am and close at 3pm. We take our last customer 30 minutes prior to close. Sometimes we open the doors 15 minutes early to start getting ready. We are closed on Sundays because it’s the lord’s day of rest or something.

I want a shag style haircut. Do you cut that style?

Probably not if you’re definition is the old shag look from the 70s/80s. For longer hair, your best bet is a salon, try Twisted Scissors.

Why don’t you guys answer your phone?

Because we’re busy working and we’re a 2 chair neighborhood shop with no receptionist. We are a walk-in shop only, so calling won’t do anything. Wait times can change in seconds and it’s first come, first served. Sorry, bub.

What is a style change?

It’s a makeover. Those who wait months in between haircuts require more time than someone who maintains their hair monthly. Yes, we charge more for style changes. It’s more work for us.

Why don’t you take appointments?

Each customer is a unique snowflake. No one wants a rushed haircut. Again, we are a small neighborhood barbershop. We’re first come, first served. How many times do we have to explain this?

Do you cut kids hair?

Yes we do, but they need to be able to sit by themselves and behave. No crying, screaming, or tons of squirming. We have set up a chill environment for our customers. No one wants to here a kid screaming and carrying on.

What is the wait?

Generally, we can get through 3-4 people per hour with 2 chairs working. The more we become familiar with you and how your hair grows, the faster we can work. However, we NEVER rush anyone’s haircut. If you decide to go months without a haircut that’s called a makeover. If we’re doing makeovers, they typically take longer.